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66 Irving St in the late 19th century. (Full size)
Photos by Bill Fried of the Blizzard of 2011 as well as of the street.

Interesting Stories

Historical Maps

The 1852 maps below have been overlayed onto a recent street map for correlation purposes. (Note that the full-sized versions are large files.)

1852 (Davis Sq area) - [8MB] 1852 (West Somerville) - [24MB]

These maps below (from 1874-1995) are from a variety of sources have been assembled and rotated/resized to allow for easy comparison. You may also go to the Map Comparison page.

1874 1884 1895 1900
1922 1934 1995

These plot surveys are referenced from most Irving Street deeds:

1872 1897
Plan belonging to Jesse Simpsion made by W.S. Barbour and A.Hodges, Civil Engineers, dated March 6, 1872, recorded in Plan Book 21, Plan 44 "Plan of Lots in Somerville belonging to Margaret A. Simpson" dated March 1897, Charles J Elliot, Engineer and Surveyor. Registered in Plan Book 103, Plan 6.

Old Somerville Directory Listings (Residents)

Somerville Directory listings from the Somerville Public Library:

Stories from Residents

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